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All the Right Type 4 Online Pricing
Pricing for School
All the Right Type 4 Online district/school licenses have a 12 or 36 month term. When purchasing licenses for a term you can "top up" to the next license level by paying the difference at any time during the term. Licenses purchased for a term are not refundable and the "top up" expires at the same time as the original license.

For example:
Level 1 - 100 licenses $275.00 for a 12 month term
Level 1 - 400 licenses $450.00 for a 12 month term

If a school purchases level 1 - 100 licenses for $275.00 for a 12 month term from August 1,2015 to July 31, 2016 and 4 months later needs additional licenses, they can pay $175 (the difference between level 1 - 100 and level 1 - 400) and "top up". All 400 licenses will expire on July 31, 2016.

Districts/Schools cannot go down license levels within a term.

At the start of a term schools/districts must decide if they would like a school set up or district set up. There is no fee to set up, but a school set up cannot be changed to a district set up in the middle of a term. We cannot transfer student records from a school set up to a District set up. Top up licenses must be purchased in increments of 100 if you are in the 1000+ level.

All the Right Type 4 online Pricing Grid for 2015-2016

Product CodeLevelsTermsTerms
# of licenses12 month3 year prepay 10% discount
2018H1 - 5$49.95$134.87
2028H1 - 100$275.00$742.50
2038H1 - 400$450.00$1,215.00
2048H1 - 700$675.00$1,822.50
2058H1 - 999$850.00$2,295.00
2068H1000 - 4999$0.85$2.30

Orders can be e-mailed to [email protected] or faxed to 1-888-786-6578. We accept P.O.'s , Visa , MC or cheques.
Click here to open an order form for fax.
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Pricing for Home
Product CodePriceTerms
2012H$8.951 month subscription
2032H$19.953 months subscription
2062H$29.956 months subscription
2012HR$8.951 month renewal subscription
2032HR$19.953 months renewal subscription
2062HR$29.956 months renewal subscription

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Pricing for iPad®
Product CodePriceTerms

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