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What is All The Right Type 4 Online?

Improve your Keyboarding Skills to Increase Productivity and Save Valuable Time


Keyboarding has become an essential skill in our computer literate society. The ability to be proficient in using a keyboard has never been more important. Communicating via e-mail, live chats and forums have become one of the most efficient methods of sharing ideas and collaborating.

For students that touch type, more time can be spent on the writing process instead of the mechanics of typing. They will be able to complete assignments more quickly, research, input and communicate effectively and more! With observations and guidance provided by a teacher, students will also learn proper posture and hand position, which will reduce possible painful injuries. Students that can touch type will be more successful in completing and editing assignments, therefore, develop greater self-esteem and confidence.

Bad habits are hard to break and if you currently "hunt and peck", learning to touch type may slow you down a little at the beginning; however, in a short period you will be typing 40 - 50 wpm or more. At best a "hunt and peck" typist will only be able to reach speeds of 25 wpm.

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All The Right Type 4 Online was designed by keyboarding specialists. The methodology and "learning sequence option" provides learners with the most efficient way to learn to type.

The computer program takes a no nonsense approach to typing and by simply using the program 10 to 15 mins. a day you will see a significant increase in speed. The program has been designed for people that don't currently type as well as for people that would just like to increase their speed. Each person can progress through the program at their own pace and continue where they left off. Immediate feedback is provided after each lesson for error and fingering analysis. Engaging and motivating keyboarding games, animations, certificates and options to customize the program to each user makes All The Right Type 4 Online a great typing tutor for all ages.

Motivating for students
All The Right Type 4 Online motivates your students to develop their keyboarding skills. While the focus is always on learning, a space race, fireworks, space theme puzzles, trophies and printable achievement certificates that make hard work fun!

Access your personalized lessons anywhere, anytime...
Simply log on from any web browser and you are ready to touch type.

No Nonsense approach to learning
Our teaching methodology allows you to learn to touch in the most efficient and effective way. Designed specifically for teachers to monitor classroom and individual progress.

Progress is tracked for assessment and Accountability Powerful record keeping and hundreds of keyboarding lessons. Teachers can also create their own lessons, certificates and stickers for reinforcement.

All the Right Type 4 Online

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Hand position

Theme Pages change the users interface so that ATRT 4 online is enjoyed by all ages. Improving keyboarding skills is like swimming. Everyone needs to start at the same point learning homerow key hand position: however, learners can progress at their own speed with different goals. Our lessons and learning methodology focus on finger reach and aromaticity, therefore, advance keyboarding skills as quickly as possible.

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Why learn how to touch type?

Saves you time. If you can touch type, you will type faster which will make you more efficient in your job.
For students taking online test, they can focus on composing answers instead of the mechanics of keying in responses. They would also have extra time to complete or review their answers.

  • You will type more accurately, this is because touch typing enables you to look at the screen whilst you type which in turn improves your accuracy and digital fluency.

  • It avoids injuries, because using all your fingers is more natural and it reduces the chance of repetitive strain Injuries. You will be more relaxed and have better posture.

  • You will focus more on the creative writing process. When you can touch type, you don't need to think about where the keys are on the keyboard, so you can concentrate more on the content.

  • Provides you with a lifelong skill. Technology is used now in everyday life and if you are e-mailing, texting, banking, searching the internet etc. the ability to touch type will save you valuable time. In today's busy world everyone enjoys more "free" time!

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